Mission Statement


Restorative Options is committed to assisting all victims and survivors of crime in moving closer to another chapter in the healing process. We work with all victims as they seek to find the answers that will enable them to feel empowered and move forward with their lives. We work with offenders who make a commitment to be accountable for their behavior.

What we have learned from the research

1.  Victims of crime who meet with their offender are far more likely to be satisfied with the justice system response than are similar victims who go through the normal court process without Victim-Offender Dialogue or Conferencing opportunities.

 2.  After meeting the offender, victims are significantly less fearful of being re-victimized. 

3. Offenders who meet their victim/s are far more likely to successfully complete their restitution obligations and to be directly accountable to the victim for their behavior. 

4. Considerably fewer and less serious crimes are committed by offenders who meet their victim/s.