Victim Offender Sensitive Dialogue
       A Program of Restorative Options


Are you the victim of a crime? Crime creates a ripple effect. It hurts you and all the people in your life.

Victims Sensitive Offender Dialogue is a dialogue process that offers victims, and victims' survivors of violent crimes the opportunity to meet with their offender face-to-face in order to facilitate the healing and recovery process. Restorative Options acts as an advocate on behalf of the victim, helping them through the process and arranging a safe and secure environment for the meeting to take place. 

Meeting with the offender can provide victims with the opportunity for personal insight, empowerment, and structure for their grieving and healing. Also, victims have the opportunity to ask questions and receive answers and insight, which only the offender can provide.

The service is a FREE Maryland service that meets with clients in a location agreeable to them.